Valley Center Democrats Connect

Your Valley Center Democratic Club wants to wish you a Happy New Year for 2021.  The past year has been pretty rough and we are all happy to see it go but probably not quite as happy as we will be to see Trump go.

Here are a few items we want to bring to your attention:

  • In our crazy rush to elect Joe Biden as our next President, our club totally forgot to elect our own Board.  I was reminded of this as we were opening Christmas presents on Christmas morning.  After the ADEM information there will be a list of all the people running for the Board offices and in two weeks we will send out an electronic ballot for you to vote on the new Board for 2021.  The reason for waiting two weeks is to give anyone the opportunity to let us know that they would like to volunteer to run for an office or would like to be on the Board.  Please respond to Judy Dobrotin –
  • You recently received an evite from us regarding the ADEM election and here is a little more information listed below.
  • The ADEM (Assembly District Election Meeting) is time sensitive and you need to order a ballot by January 11 at 5:00 pm in order to receive one a ballot.  Because of Covid-19 you will be able to mail in the ballots instead of going to a voting site.  The process is simple: go to the web page listed below and follow the direction – it only takes a minute or two
  • Jim Nielsen has been representing us in District 75 at the State level for two years and would like to represent us for another two year.  There is a lot of time and money put out by the Delegates themselves to represent us and we are asking you to vote for him.  Much happens at the State level and it is to our advantage to have someone there that has our interests at heart and is voting for us on these issues.  This year it can be done at home and I encourage everyone who is eligible to take the time to register and vote for Jim Nielsen.  They select 7 men and 7 women to represent the 75th District.  At this time I do not have other names to recommend for District 75.

Due to COVID-19 the ADEM Elections for 2021will be done entirely by VOTE-BY-MAIL

Voter Eligibility Checklist

  • Must be registered as a Democrat in the AD (Assembly District) you are voting in on or before January 27.
  • Completed online ADEM Registration form online or by phone
  • Identification code must be entered onto your scantron ballot – Each ballot gets a unique identification used to prevent fraud and confirm eligibility 
  • Here is the website to register:   go to the bottom of the page

Last day to request a ballot to vote in ADEM Elections is Monday, January 11, 2021 (5:00 PM).  All Ballots due Thursday, January 27, 2021 (5:00 PM)


Candidate statement of Jim “Big Thunder” Nielsen of Valley Center.

My name is Jim “ Big Thunder” Nielsen, and I am asking you to re-elect me as your ADEM Delegate in Region 18 which represents VALLEY CENTER. My nickname “Big Thunder” came from my basketball playing days for my tenacity on the boards. I promise to bring that same tenacity in fighting for the Democrats in Region 18.

I am a husband, father of five kids, and grandfather of numerous grandkids. Competing to win and fighting for my team has been a focus my entire career. Whether it has been as a Division, One Basketball Player/Coach, or an Executive Board Member of Valley Center or of the Teachers/Coaches Union, or as the owner of a small business, my goal is always to leave the job better than what I found it.

We face many challenges in California, and I will fight for and support Education, Climate Change, Healthcare as a human right, reduce homelessness, and support UNIONS.

I am a lifelong Democrat and have been active in the party my entire adult life. I ask for your vote, and I am not hesitant to mix-it-up for the citizens of Region 18.

Vote for Jim “Big Thunder” Nielsen

  • Here is the ballot information for the Valley Center Democratic Club:

                   President                                                Judy Dobrotin

                   Vice President                              Laura Gordon,

                   Recording Secretary                    Paula Townsend

                   Treasurer                                                 Boris Dobrotin

                   Member at Large for Environmental Issues                   Marian Sedio

                   Member at Large for Local Issues                    Jim Nielsen

                   Member at Large for Education & Disabilities                   Janine Boleda

                   Member at Large for Membership Recruitment               Paul Kelly

Again, if anyone else would like to run for an office or join our Board as a Member at Large with a specific interest, please contact Judy Dobrotin –