Happy 2021!

The Valley Center Democratic Club continues to create a community of Democrats in our rural area we call home. Luckily for us there are more Democrats in Valley Center than we imagined.

It is 2021 and that time of the year when we ask you to renew your membership during our membership drive.  This year we plan to concentrate more on our local issues and not so much nationally starting with a Zoom Social scheduled for January 31, an Evite has already been sent out.  Also we plan to do some serious recruiting for new members here in Valley Center.  The year looks interesting and positive but we do need membership dues to implement our ideas.  If you go to our website: you can fill out the membership application and pay online or you can mail us this information along with a check. 

Our membership dues allow us the opportunity to be an effective Democratic presence in this community. We need your financial support but more importantly we need your involvement mentally and physically.

We encourage you to join or renew your membership and help us continue to grow into an organization that truly can make a difference at home, as well as support the county and state Democratic organization. We look forward to getting to know you better!



Date: ____________

Name(s): ______________________________________________________

Address: ______________________________________________________

Phone Numbers:

H) _______________ (C) _______________ (W) ________________

Email address: __________________________________________________

New Individual ($20) ________ New Family ($25) ________ New Student ($10) ________

Renewal Individual ($15) _______ Renewal Family ($20) ________ Renewal Student ($5) ________

I am a registered Democrat: Yes ( ) No ( )

I prefer meetings on (day/s of the week and time):_________________________________

What I want from my membership in VCDC (social gatherings, political action, educational meetings, etc.):


Please make your check payable to: VC Democratic Club

Please send Membership Application and check to:

Valley Center Democratic Club

P.O. Box 2744

Valley Center